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Pandan Social will bring your brand to your customers. We connect you to your online community and brand advocates through data-driven strategies that are customised to your business.

Our team of digital professionals consists of strategists, creatives, and analysts who are focused on delivering market-leading results for our clients.

A team of digital strategists,
and analysts.


Daniel Woodroof


The man about town, Daniel splits his time between the various cities he visits for work. A fan of disruptive technologies and startup realization, the professional pun-ter is affectionately known as Coach Dan at one of Asia’s leading karting teams.


Brandon Lee


A fellow of many talents, Brandon cycles between his roles as videographer, weightlifting coach, and co-founder of locally-grown brands. He also indulges in vlogging, aerial photography, and piloting a small aircraft over people’s heads.


Soo Weihan

Performance Marketing Specialist

Weihan is a performance marketer with graphic and advertising design experience. He believes that creatives backed by data allows a brand to stand out. Aside from advertising, Weihan enjoys geeking out on new technology, sports… and his man cave.


Sufianna Shazuddin

Graphic Designer

Sufianna is a graphic designer who views design as a form of functional problem solving. She finds joy in her day-to-day tasks of messing around with type, shapes, and colours. Inherently an introvert, she recharges by sitting in the dark and listening to sappy music or watching movies with no plotline.


Eric Sheak

Account Manager

A social strategist at heart and armed with fast typing skills, Eric enjoys creating meaningful relationships for brands and consumers alike. Passionate about growth, he seeks opportunities for self and professional development while sipping on boba tea.


Melanie Lim

Account Manager

Melanie thrives in a marketing agency because she believes that it does not limit her creativity to a single industry. Her creative outlets include abstract painting, creating TikTok videos, and listening to dream pop, alternative rock, and secretly...doom metal.


Pamela Teh

Graphic Designer

Pamela is a graphic designer and subscribes to the belief that design makes the world a better (and visually appealing) place. If she’s not fixing an alignment, she can be found illustrating a random object or making her famous weekend waffles.


Ilisa Izhar

Graphic Designer

As she clicks and taps on Adobe softwares, Ilisa aims to create a form of communication through visual mediums that many can enjoy. Outside of fixing kernings, Ilisa enjoys sitting in her corner with a sewing machine while singing at the top of her lungs (Sorry, neighbours!).


Debbie Amboi-Payne


As one of the resident wordsmiths, Debbie has been writing for digital companies and ecommerce websites for nearly a decade. In the future, she hopes to work for a non-profit organisation’s marketing team as she manages her corgi farm.


Soon Wei Ee


Soon Wei is a titan in the transformation of heritage spaces. Converting an old printing factory into a vibrant collaborative workspace, he dreams of creative ecosystems built around functional spaces and the preservation of the arts.


Charles R. Kilborn III

Media Partner

Charles is a master in corporate turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, as well as venture capital. He is the CEO of Calton Hill with over 25 years of experience and expertise in enterprise strategy, technology development, and looking good in a suit.


Syakira Asmadi

Account Manager

Syakira nurtures the client's relationship with its customers. A nature enthusiast with a background in architecture, she spends time admiring patterns and design when she crochets hats for pets.


Alex Johns

Special Projects Manager

Alex manages the Special Projects Division and leverages on his experience from a past executive position at an integrated advertising firm. Unbeknownst to many, he also spent several years looking at minerals at the University of Brighton.


Daniel Adams


Daniel is a conceptual, portrait photographer who explores and blurs the lines between gender, identity, and cultural norms. He also produces, creative, and art-directs his own work. He aims to be lying by a beach in his beach house and yacht with his family by the time he’s 40.


Gauttam Rao

Performance Marketing Specialist

Gauttam is a performance marketer. He believes that anything tech-related and online will be the next big thing. To complete his transformation as Batman, Gauttam is also an avid combat sports enthusiast on the weekends.

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