Pandan Social Reflects on 2020 and Looks Forward to the New Year

Pandan Social Reflects on 2020 and Looks Forward to the New Year

2020 will be the year to remember - both for the good and bad.

Thinking back on the year’s challenges and opportunities (and continuous lockdowns), we saw how the digital world played an important part in our lives.

It’s clear in the way it connects our socially-distanced lives with those of our loved ones. And how it draws us closer to the brands that matter the most to us.

We at Pandan Social are stepping into 2021 with these valuable lessons. We learned how to connect our clients with their online community.

And as we leverage on these lessons in digital marketing, we also found some silver linings from the year that changed the world.

A Growing Team of Digital Experts

Pandan Social turned two this year. And we welcomed four new digital marketing experts into our ranks. We’re happy to have Steven Lo and Paulina Fernandez as our Account Manager and Account Manager-Copywriter, respectively.

And on the creative side, Pamela Teh and Ilisa Izhar joined our team of Graphic Designers who will bring their A-game to the team.

We are also lucky to have Aekkraj Ganesan of Swinburne University of Technology back as our digital marketing intern this year.

And as 2021 brings more opportunities for us, we’re committed to attracting the same energy and dedication to better serve our growing clientele.

Welcoming New Business Opportunities

Pandan Social is proud to be the social media marketing agency for the Tencent-owned streaming service, WeTV. Our team is excited to work with one of the rising stars of Asia’s digital streaming scene in the upcoming year.

We will continue to step up our social media management and media-buy services that started in the fourth quarter of 2020. And we look forward to playing a part in WeTV’s further expansion in Malaysia.

And Pushing Boundaries With Existing Connections

We’re also excited to announce our continuing relationship with the award-winning insurance provider, MPI Generali Insurans. Pandan Social signed a contract extension with the national insurance brand for the year 2021 and 2022.

As their social media marketing and advertising campaign agency, we look forward to continually enhance their digital presence with appealing social media content and impactful campaigns.

Exploring New Creative Productions

The new year is also time for new ventures. The Pandan group is excited to share the beginnings of Pandan Productions. It is our new content creation division that will focus on photography, videography, and 2D/3D animations.

Our in-house talent will be Daniel Adams who will also be the resident Project Manager for all creative work. Pandan Productions will work with our creative network to produce full-fledged television commercials.

Celebrating the Successes of Our Clients

We win when our clients win. We at Pandan Social are happy to share in their successes and important milestones.

A snapshot of these digital marketing accomplishments include:
● Increasing our client’s Facebook Messenger leads by 173%
● Lowering our client’s Cost Per Lead (CPL) by 78.30%
● Achieving 70% cheaper Cost Per Clicks (CPC) than the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Looking Forward to 2021

As we head into the new year, we remain grateful for the opportunity to work with the best in Malaysia, the United States, and beyond. We’re hopeful as we kick off 2021 with our new partners and continuing clients.

We’re also looking forward to seeing our team of young, driven, and committed digital marketers excel in this exciting field.

Finishing strong and pushing onward,
Daniel and Brandon

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Daniel Woodroof