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Showing up at the top of your customer’s search engine results will mean you get their attention before your competitor does.
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Boost your visibility and SEO ranking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) lets search engines know that your website is relevant to your customer’s product query. When searches are performed on engines like Google, SEO boosts your brand or website’s ranking and visibility in the search engine results page. 

SEO guided content strategies

To enhance your position in these search engine results, Pandan Social will conduct an audit of your website and perform keyword research, backlink acquisition, and more. 

After that, our team will create content for your website that is guided by SEO strategies. At the end of each month, a performance report will be generated to replicate what works and recalibrate what did not.


Organic search visits to the site more than doubled


Click-through rate of search results increased by an average of 60%; Key business metrics such as sign up rate and freelance job creation rates also increased markedly 


Increased organic search visits to the site


All the keyword niches that were targeted improved from a position as low as 50+ to uniformly strong on the first page of results.


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