What Is Content Marketing?

What Is Content Marketing?

Pandan Social can help to explain content marketing and its benefits for your brand.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that uses highly-engaging and relevant content to achieve a business goal.

Brands use content marketing to improve brand awareness, encourage customer engagement, increase sales, and more.

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Types of content marketing

To achieve these business goals, brands have different types of content marketing strategies to choose from. The common ones are:

Social media posts
Currently the most powerful type of content marketing, social media content should be on top of your list of marketing strategies. Engage with up to 3.7 billion social media users worldwide when you use this type of content marketing.

Paid advertising
Paid ad content is also an important way to be seen and drive up conversion rates. Your choice of platforms for paid ad content marketing includes social media sites, Google Ads, and landing pages.

Blog articles
Blog articles are the most versatile type of content marketing. Write about any topic that is related to your industry to attract your customer’s attention. Then, make your blog more relevant by linking to articles within and outside of your website. Remember to include a social media share button to improve shareability.

Landing pages
Your website’s landing page should be more than just a first impression. Optimize it to achieve business goals like generating leads or increasing website traffic. Do this by using relevant keywords, making them search-friendly, and employing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

The video format is rising in popularity, and it’s not going away. Customers like to watch videos from the brands they interact with because videos are more interactive and memorable. Use this to your advantage.

Live-streamed content
Live videos take video content to another level. When your customers are watching live streams three times longer than traditional videos, it’s time to invest in live broadcasts. Your options include Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live.

After videos, your customer’s next preference is graphic content. If your marketing messages are more educational or complex, infographics will work better for you. They contain data, simple wording, and clear images that are easy to understand.

Augmented reality (AR) content
AR content is fast becoming an attractive way to capture your customer’s attention. As the world shifts to mobile apps, AR content creates an exciting way for your customers to experience what your brand has to offer.

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What content marketing can do for your company

When used strategically, content marketing can help your brand in the long run. Its benefits include:

1) Attracting new customers and generating leads
Relevant content brings new visitors to your website when effective content marketing is used. As internet users look up information they need online, your website’s content will appear in the related search results.

Being visible for these online searches will attract website visitors that may potentially become new customers. Content marketing will not only improve your website traffic, it also helps in generating leads when these visitors interact with your website.

2) Informing new customers about the products or services you offer
As these online visitors consume the relevant information that are found in your website, effective content marketing will encourage them to explore what YOU can offer with your products or services.

Listing out your products or services clearly in your website helps to convince the online visitors that your brand is relevant to their interest. In addition, it may also encourage them to browse your website longer as they discover the solutions that your brand offers.

3) Showing your audience how your products or services can solve their challenges
Smart content marketing will not only position the website visit as an answer to your visitor’s online search, but also as the solution to their problem. Your brand has the opportunity to clearly explain that your products or services will effectively solve your website visitor’s challenges.

These solutions may exist as blog articles, how-to videos, or easy-to-understand infographics that appeal to your visitors. On top of that, these content may also come with a share button so that the visitor can talk about them in their social media feed.

4) Enriching your social media feed
Relevant content from your website should also exist in your social media platforms as shared posts. In addition to indirectly improving your website’s ranking in online search results, it also enhances your social media accounts’ newsfeed.

Strategic content marketing encourages this regular sharing between websites and social media pages. It helps to improve traffic to your website, encourage engagement with your online community, and reinforce your brand’s online reputation with quality content.

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Examples of successful content marketing campaigns

Dollar Shave Club’s viral video content marketing.

Video content marketing – Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club gained viral recognition through their clever campaign videos. Entertaining and on-brand, their video content marketing paid off in the form of increased brand awareness, impressive growth, and more than 27 million views on YouTube.

Expedia Australia’s ‘Out There Starts Here’ travel blog.

Blog content marketing – Expedia
Expedia Australia runs a travel blog that is part travel advisor, vacation inspiration, and service promotion. Alongside in-depth information for hotel recommendations and itinerary plans, the blog also highlights the company’s online travel services and positive reviews it received from satisfied customers.

Important Takeaways
Effective content marketing is a useful strategy to include in your digital marketing plan. It enhances brand awareness, draws new customers to your website, improves conversion rates, and more.

Choosing the type of content marketing strategy that works for your brand depends on your business goal and preferred content medium. While social media posts are the most far-reaching, video and infographics are fast becoming the online audience’s favourites.

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