What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a great way to advertise online. Start your campaign today with Pandan Social.

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to promote your business.

Brands that use this type of online marketing interact with their audience on social media to achieve their marketing and branding goals. They’re usually found on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Using social media marketing involves its two main forms: social media management and social media advertising.

Social media sites are more than just a place for people to connect. It’s a place to discover new things, like your brand!

How does social media marketing work?

Social media management
Social media management involves planning, creating, and publishing relevant content on your social media pages. Your goal with social media management is to reach and engage your target audience.

Your social media pages will offer relevant content on a regular basis, usually 2 or 3 times a week. Over time, you will gain the trust of your online audience as they get to know you more. And you will increase the likelihood of this audience becoming customers.

Social media management is the essential basis in social media marketing. Not only that it does not cost you anything to start, most businesses can set up a social media page within minutes.

Social media management and advertising go hand-in-hand to promote your business online.

Social media advertising
The second part of social media marketing is social media advertising.

To extend your reach across the social media population, creating and publishing ads are important. This is because social media advertising allows you to reach almost anyone on the platform and achieve immediate exposure.

With social media ads, you may direct your audience to your own website. These ads may also encourage them to call your business’ phone number. Or even motivate them to visit your business location.

Which sites should you use with social media marketing?

Social media marketing on Facebook can be quick and easy with Pandan Social.

1) Facebook
2.7 billion people use Facebook every month. And being the most widely-used social media platform in the world, this number will continue to grow.

Taking advantage of social media marketing on Facebook ensures that your brand is visible to a large audience. And when you’ve found your target demographic, there are several things you can do to elevate your business.

Most brands have these goals in mind when they’re establishing their online presence on Facebook:
● increase brand awareness
● generate leads
● increase conversions on their website
● improve customer service

However, you may decide on your own marketing goals that overlap with your business goals.

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2) Instagram
Instagram is the second most logged in social media site after Facebook. It has more than one billion active monthly users worldwide.

However, unlike Facebook, Instagram is a social media site for the young. The average age of its users is between 25 to 34 years old.

This means that advertising on Instagram lets you connect with an audience that will soon have the most spending power than any other age group.

Running your social media marketing campaigns on Instagram usually involves these goals:
● increase brand reach
● boost engagement rates
● generate higher conversion rates

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Use social media marketing to reach an audience that is more inclined to try new products out.

3) Twitter
Twitter has 187 million monetizable daily active users. This means that you will have access to millions of users who may see and interact with your ads on the platform.

Twitter users also spend 26% more time viewing ads than any other social media sites. And coupled with the fact that more than half of these users are more likely to be the first to buy new products, the “#1 platform for discovery” should be one of your brand’s options for social media marketing.

Most companies with a presence on Twitter usually take advantage of the platform to:
● drive traffic to their website
● build a larger audience for their brand
● get more people to install their app or take action in the app
● get people to watch a video

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4) LinkedIn
There are 740 million monthly users on LinkedIn. And 4 out of 5 of them are decision makers and executives with twice the buying power of an average social media user.

Hence, LinkedIn is very much a business-oriented social media site. There are 57 million companies listed on LinkedIn. And 43% claimed that sales were attributed to their brand using the platform.

If your target audience are sales representatives, senior-level influencers, or highly educated high-income earners, LinkedIn is the social media site for you.

You may use this platform to achieve your marketing goals like:
● increase the visibility of your brand or company
● bring users to your website or landing page
● encourage users to make a purchase, download a document, or view a specific page on your website
● collect leads on the platform

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TikTok’s rising influence cannot be overlooked. Get started on your social media marketing campaigns for it now.

5) Tiktok
TikTok has 689 million monthly active users worldwide. And these users spend more than 52 minutes per day on the app.

The mobile-first social media platform is also highly-engaging. 90% of TikTokers access the app every day.

And even though 50% of TikTok’s global audience is under the age of 34, it ranks #2 for consumer spending apps worldwide. This means that its users spend more on this app than on apps like YouTube, Disney+, and Netflix.

Your brand should include TikTok in your social media marketing efforts to:
● promote awareness for your products
● improve your brand’s image
● reach out to a new (younger) audience
● develop stronger relationships with your customers through in-app engagement

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Be discovered. Promote your product. Inspire brand loyalty. Do all this with social media marketing.

What social media marketing can do for your company

Social media marketing is increasingly becoming an important part of brand advertising. It’s benefits include:
1. Being a cost-effective way to advertise online
It costs nothing to sign up and open an account on a social media platform. And most companies can get started on building their social media presence immediately.

When you have established an online following on your social media page, look into social media advertising next. Starting small is a great way for companies to try out paid advertising even with a limited budget.

2. Improving brand awareness
When you have a social media page that regularly posts relevant information, this will encourage your followers to interact with your stuff. Most social media users will ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ interesting, timely, and visually-appealing posts on social media.

And this will enhance your online visibility as more people in your follower’s circle notice them doing this. With each comment or tag on your posts, your brand’s visibility increases. And will also help in enhancing your reputation as a trusted company.

3. Improving brand loyalty
Owning a social media page also gives your brand a ‘face’ that your customers can interact with. This builds a relationship with them as they get to know your brand’s values and products.

And when a strong bond is established, your customers’ brand loyalty will translate to sales and repeat purchases. It is also worth remembering that customers will see your social media page as a place they can communicate with you. So, invest in smart community management as well.

4. Increasing website traffic
If you have your own website or ecommerce site, social media marketing will help in boosting their visitor traffic. With each post you make, it increases the chances of your followers clicking on our links and visiting your website.

This also means that if you’re registered in more than one social media site, you have more opportunities to showcase your company’s website.

As mentioned above, each platform is popular with different age groups. Remember to run your social media marketing campaigns in the various platforms that your target audience uses.

5. Increasing lead generation and sales
Millions of users visit social media sites at least once a day. This means that there will always be people who will notice your page and your social media ads. The more people your social media posts and ads can reach, the better.

As these users click on your links and visit your website, you’ll be getting more leads and sales too. This rise in conversion rates is not usually possible without an active social media page that your customers can find and engage with.

To find out what else social media marketing and Pandan Social can do for your company, check out our social media marketing page.

Important Takeaways
Social media marketing is now an undeniable way to reach out and retain your customers online.

This form of digital marketing is quickly outpacing other forms of advertising in enhancing brand awareness as well as increasing website traffic, lead generation, and sales.

Get started on your digital marketing campaign now. Contact us at or visit our Facebook page.

Debbie Amboi-Payne